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Health Link is about improving health outcomes for patients with complex conditions.

Meet Bill- a 73 year old man living with 6 chronic conditions. He has visited the Emergency Department 5 times in the past year resulting in 3 admissions. He is seen regularly by various providers including his family physician, 6 specialists and homecare. Bill is grateful for the care of his providers but he is overwhelmed by appointments and various plans of care.

Do you recognize "Bill"?

Health Link PatientBill suffers from several chronic conditions
Health link client receives patient centered care

Patient Centered Care
Health Link brings providers together from across the continuum of care including Primary Care Providers, Specialists, Hospitals, Mental Health, Long Term Care, and Community Providers such as supports for Daily Living, Alternative Healing and Spiritual Health.

Through the collaboration of care providers with the goal of developing patient-centered solutions, there is an improved patient experience.